Sell your home without leaving money on the table.

We help you avoid costly mistakes and build more wealth through your home.

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When life changes, your home needs change too.

When it comes to selling your current home, we help you sell for the best price without “giving it away”. We are in your corner to make sure you keep the most money from the sale of your home. With our expertise and understanding of the local market, we have a track record of successfully selling homes at above average prices.

Home Sellers Guide
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5 mistakes home sellers must avoid to keep more money
(and sell your home faster!)

    We sell your home and let you keep the most money.


    Sell With Less Surprises

    We help you avoid rushing the selling process so you can avoid more surprises, keep your buyer and always know what’s next.


    Find Your Dream Home

    When life changes, we help you find a new home that matches your current lifestyle.


    Trusted Referral Network

    Moving out of town? We have a nationwide network of trusted Realtors who can help you find your next home across the USA.

    We get it – You worry that you’ll make a costly
    mistake when selling your home.

    From staging to pricing to negotiations, there are many details that impact how much money you keep in your pocket
    when selling your home. At Smith Real Estate Services, we help you navigate the process so you keep the most money possible.
    You earned it, so we help you keep more of what you earned.

    How we help you sell your home

    1. Define Your Goals

    We’ll meet to learn about your personal goals and the right approach to selling your home.

    2. Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Many Realtors tell you what they think, leaving your biggest decisions about your home up to chance. We provide you with data so you can make wise decisions and never feel in the dark about your next steps.

    3. Keep More Money at Closing

    More money is lost in negotiations than in any other part of the process. I’m a bulldog in negotiations - fighting for your goals, so you don’t leave money on the table.

    Never worry if you got the best
    deal possible

    Never worry if you got the best deal possible

    Many people think that all agents are the same. Here are 3 unique features about working with us:

    Data-Driven Decisions
    We believe that the best decisions are made when they are backed by data. That’s why we always start with a thorough analysis of the market. We want to make sure that we are making choices based on what is actually happening in the real world, not just what we hope or think.

    Bulldog Negotiations
    Once we have found your ideal buyer, it’s time to start negotiating. We are not afraid to fight to get you the best possible price and terms when selling your home.

    Passionate About Your Goals
    Throughout the entire process, our goal is always to make sure that your needs and wants are being met. You can be confident knowing that we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your home dreams.
    We help home sellers throughout the Greater Sacramento region, specializing in Rancho Cordova, Gold River, Folsom and Mather.

    Home Sellers Guide
    Download our free seller tips
    5 mistakes home sellers must avoid to keep more money
    (and sell your home faster!)