We help you find and buy your next home.

It’s frustrating to save your money and be ready to buy your dream home but not get your offer accepted.

Getting into contract in a highly competitive market is tough

Everything counts so you need an experienced and trusted real estate professional to help you buy a home at all stages of life. You have to do everything right to get your offer accepted.

We help busy professionals buy their dream home

Buy With Less Surprises

Buying a home is complicated. We explain the home buying path in advance so you know what to expect next. We are with you each step of the way.

Filtered Home Search

We have more options than you can get on sites like Zillow or Realtor.com. We only deliver homes to you that match your specific dream home criteria.

Trusted Service Providers

Our team of lenders, escrow and inspectors are among the best in the industry. Need improvements after you move in? Ask us for referrals.

It’s tough - You saved your money to buy a home
but the rules keep changing

Do you worry that you’ll pay too much when buying a home? From pricing to lender choice to down payment amount to agent positioning, there are many details that impact whether you will buy a home or not. At Smith Real Estate Services, we help position your offer to be the one sellers want to accept so you can finally own your dream home and you know you got a good deal.

How I help you buy your dream home

1. Talk with Sheryl

We need to learn about your home ownership goals and what you’ve done to be ready to buy a home.

2. Create your customized home buying strategy

There are many details to complete when buying a home. We help you know what to do next to help you avoid too many surprises.

3. Own your dream home

We bring our 19+ years of broker and negotiating experience to help you become the owner of the right home for this stage of your life.

You deserve to build wealth
through homeownership

You deserve to build wealth through homeownership

Wealth starts with a dream and grows through hard work. Your job is a daily grind to build wealth. Homeownership lets you leverage a small down payment into wealth growing passively.

With Smith Real Estate Services, we help make sure you get the best deal when you buy a home by doing everything right…at all stages of life.

We serve the Greater Sacramento area specializing in homes in Gold River, Rancho Cordova, Mather and Folsom.

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