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Keep more money when you sell your home

More Money

Save Energy

Move On

Leaving money "on the table" is painful

Many home sellers unknowingly lose money.

It’s not intentional. Don’t fall into that trap.

Keep more money when you sell your home.

A solid plan pulls you toward your goal

Plan ahead

Savings happen throughout the selling process with the right plan

Do the right things

Don’t waste time and money on the wrong things

Moving on

Your next stage in life is waiting!

Selling a home is not just a transaction.

It's the start of your new life and you are important

After 17+ years, we’ve helped 200+ families in many different real estate markets.
95% of our business is referral and repeat
Voted Five Star Award for customer service for 5 years

How It Works

Schedule a Call: You can keep more money with good advice at the beginning

Learn the Facts & Prepare: Give buyers what they want so they are eager to buy your home

Negotiate and Close: Have a pro on your side through multiple complex negotiations

At Smith Real Estate Services we know that you want to be a masterful seller. In order to do that, you need to sell your home for the best price and terms.

The problem is you think all Realtors are the same and you don’t know what’s best for you to do next. This makes you feel anxious and distrustful of all Realtors. We believe you deserve to keep your hard-earned money. Afterall, we understand what it’s like to list your home for sale and not know if you’re getting what it’s worth which is why we show you our results with our past sellers.


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